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JJW MICH2000 Mickey Helmet (Special Policeman Helmet)
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JJW MICH2000 Mickey Helmet (Special Policeman Helmet)

JJW MICH2000 Mickey Helmet (Special Policeman Helmet)


1.The product adopts imported high strength aramid fiber fabric for dipping and hot pressing.Waterproof, moisture-proof, fire prevention, anti ultraviolet, light weight, high bulletproof performance, and small drum, no ricochet, to avoid secondary injury.

2.The polyurea spray paint is adopted for the surface of the helmet shell , which is environment-friendly, wear-resistant, anti-aging and integrated, and the impact point is minimized.

3.The inner part of the helmet is made up of 7 sponge mats, which are designed for inner lining. It is easy to disassemble and clean. And the ribbon is polyester cotton, which ensures both comfort and durability.The length of the mandibular belt and the size of the cap can be adjusted to make the wearing more stable and comfortable.

4.Because the helmet is fixed at 4 points, the weight of the helmet is reasonably allocated, and it is more comfortable to wear for a long time.

5.Comparing with other bulletproof materials, the bulletproof performance of the aramid helmet is better in stability and consistency.Because of better resistance to high temperatures, the post-test drum kit is much smaller than the bullet-proof helmet of other materials, which is less damage to the wearer's head.

6.Comparing with the aramid helmets of other manufacturers, our helmets have thinner and lighter weight under the same helmet type and size, but the test result is better.


The michelm helmet has a stable bulletproof performance. During the testing process, it can effectively prevent the penetration of the 7.62mm lead bullet of the May 4 pistol and the 9mm Bala Baerum bullet of the UZI 9mm assault rifle.

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