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Concealed Multi-function Protective Clothing (Anti-cutting Wear)
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Concealed Multi-function Protective Clothing (Anti-cutting Wear)

Concealed Multi-function Protective Clothing (Anti-cutting Wear)


1.The overall design of human protection is carried out by studying the disposal plan of the emergency site and simulating the experimental scene.

2.Based on the research of appearance technology, the design of the conventional protective clothing has been broken, and the new type of concealed anti-appearance is indistinguishable from the conventional clothing, which realizes the uses both in ordinary time and war time.

3.Based on the systematic research on the parts of the human body that are needed to protect, the module strengthen protection of the key parts is designed. The key parts include the neck and the arteries, the hearts and the small arm (used for the block).Protective combination equipment that meets the requirements of the modular, lightweight and serialization of the protective clothing is realized.


Solved in malignant emergencies such as knife, knife cut, conventional forms of personal protective equipment (ppe) clumsy, weight big, poor concealment, suitable for political leaders to attend important activities, hidden front staff on a special mission in question.

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