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JJW-AL140 Portable X-Ray Detection Device
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JJW-AL140 Portable X-Ray Detection Device

JJW-AL140 Portable X-Ray Detection Device

Product Introduction

JJW-AL140 Portable X-ray inspection system is an an advanced X-ray inspection system equipped with the cutting edge imager. It provides unparralleled high quality image and is characterized as portable and easy-to-use.

It is designed to detect weapons/narcotics/explosives hidden in mails, packages, vehicles and office equipments with high efficiency and accuracy. It is perfectly suitable for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) application, Intelligience and Special Commando Operations, Police & Customs.

Technical Features

1. Dual-Energy linear array, with fine detector pixal of 0.4mm;

2. Superior image quality with wire resolution of 0.07 mm (41AWG), steel penetration of 30 mm;

3. Powerful image processing functions, friendly interface and large storage capcity;

4. Chosen area continuous zoom functions help operators better analyze images and identify baggage more clearly;

5. Large capacity battery ensures the system long working hours without AC supply;

6. Wire/Wireless transmission make operators flexibile working position, and is suitable for threat object inspection;

7. Adjustable X-ray emission deley guarantees operators enough time to retreat from the site, and safety protection key prevents the X-ray generator from unintentional emission thus to ensure the public and staff safety.


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