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JJW Anti-Explosion Simulation Training System
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JJW Anti-Explosion Simulation Training System

JJW Anti-Explosion Simulation Training System

  This product is special design according to the domestic anti-terrorism situation, combined with the actual needs of national security and EOD team construction, can meet the demand of EOD personnel in training, operation and learning explosive device manufacture, experiment, simulation explosion and a number of other demands.

  At the same time, it can be used for the armed forces and public security departments teaching and training for EOD personnel. The Anti Explosion Simulation Training System filled the domestic blank of EOD personnel training equipment, it’s effective to prevent EOD personnel injury because of wrong operation.

  System test screen working board: loaded five parts display area

  (1) Eight typical models of Timing Explosive Device Area.

  (2) Eight typical models of Triggering Explosives.

  (3) Six typical models of Remote-Controlled Explosives.

  (4) Eight typical models of Multiple Combinations of Explosives.

  (5) Control-Working Area.

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