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JJW Portable Explosive and Drug Detector
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JJW Portable Explosive and Drug Detector

JJW Portable Explosive and Drug Detector


1) The world's first vacuum ultraviolet ionization source without radioactive source that is safe and convenient for use can accurately analyze explosives and drug components.

2) The global unique detection performance of black gunpowder with nanogram grade can detect dangerous goods including fireworks and civil explosives.

3) The speed of detection and analysis is faster than that of the similar products, and the result is obtained within 2 seconds.

4) Positive and negative dual-mode can be used to detect explosives and drugs.

5) One-click detection, simple operation.

6) Equipped with color touch screen of 2.8 inch.

7) The system has self-cleaning function, which can clean and purify the interior instrument system.

8) The parameters of operation conditions can be directly displayed on the instrument, and the user can judge whether the instrument can run normally according to them.

9) Open database, the sample library information can be upgraded at any time.

10) The storage function has good data transmission and control function.



Security inspection at airports, stations and other important places.

National defense security.

Public security.

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