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JJW-001 Metal Detection Door
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JJW-001 Metal Detection Door

JJW-001 Metal Detection Door


1.AccuracyThe highest sensitivity can detect a coin in the middle of the door. It can also exclude the influence of small amount of metal to detect large amount of metal or controlling knife tools and firearms.

2.Six-zone displayThe product is divided into six zones, the suspicious objects can be displayed accurately in each area.

3.Statistical numberThe number of persons passed through and alarmed can be detected.

4.Sensitivity adjustmentSensitivity can be adjusted as needed, which has a total of 100 grades for sensitivity.

5.Alarm regulationAlarm sound has quiet, bass, high pitch, which is adjustable, and the alarm time has 3 levels for adjustment.

6.Door materialThe baking varnish PVC is adopted for the exterior appearance, the aluminum alloy supports are on the sides, which are rain proof, fire prevention, collision avoidance and no scoring.

7.Side post lightsThere are two rows of LED lights on both sides of the doorpost, which visually display the alarm zone, and the sound and light alarm simultaneously.

8.Panel displayHigh brightness digital display the person number passed and  alarmed.

9.Parameters can be password protected so that the unauthorized persons can not operate.

10.For all kinds of electromagnetic interference in the use environment, the advanced electromagnetic compatibility design in the world is adopted for the whole system. The DSP processor is used to perform correlation operations and filtering on the sampled signals of prohibited objects, so that the whole equipment has strong electromagnetic anti-interference capability.


Various meeting places, large events, stations, wharves, entertainment venues, courts, key government departments, factories, examination halls, shopping malls, community access for security inspection and the inspection areas for the prohibited goods.

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