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Inspection System of Type JJW-CDSM-8000 for Car Bottom
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Inspection System of Type JJW-CDSM-8000 for Car Bottom

Inspection System of Type JJW-CDSM-8000 for Car Bottom



The system has the functions of monitoring the equipment, alarm grade, equipment failure, data query, etc. for the system of the detection of the car radioactive material.

⑵  Scanning imaging is adopted to automatically detect the passing vehicles.

The vehicle passes the car bottom acquisition equipment at a speed of 1-20km/h. During one second of passing, the system automatically displays the image of high clear complete vehicle chassis. The system automatically generates a folder every day according to the date of the computer, and deposits in the folder for later viewing.

⑶  Automatically identify the vehicle license and the vehicle color, image. The snapshot is on the same screen as the image of the car bottom. It has the function of vehicle counting and automatically storing correspondingly.

⑷ The system software of special safety inspection and scanning for car bottom is easy to operate, which has the function of Chinese and English conversion. It can scale and rotate the image locally and completely without distortion. Multiples are not limited. Image panoramic navigation, the time of image extraction from folder is not more than one second.

⑸ The operation software can adjust the image of the car bottom freely. The bottom of the vehicle is enlarged locally with magnifier, and have the functions of accessing to read and printing.

The equipment is equipped with lighting control system of inductive imaging.

The chassis has the function of waterproof, dust-proof and resist-compression.

Remote transmission can be carried out through the network, which is convenient for remote monitoring.



The system integrates advanced computer technology, image processing technology, video processing technology and optical technology. Through the collection, processing, image synthesis and other steps to complete the scanning of the car bottom. At the same time, the front image of the car is collected by the camera set at the front end, which is associated with the car bottom image to store and facilitate the identification and inspection of car.

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