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  Beijing Jingjinwu High-Tech Co., Ltd was founded in 1999, was specialized company in research and design, produce and sales, leasing and service, and provided integrated solution in explosion-proof security, anti-terrorist explosion equipment and large-scale activity project planning.

  Jingjinwu company has developed series of antiriot products, and widely used in the national public security, armed police, civil aviation, railway, border or frontier defense, court, subway and other security system.

  Jingjinwu company is not only the security check and EOD equipment supplier for the National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), and also as be professional supplier to various of important activities in domestic.

  After nearly twenty years of efforts, Jingjinwu company has always been committed and focused on providing leading technology, superior quality products for whole national polices, and has made outstanding contributions to the national security.

  Rely on strong technical strength and highly professional skills, Jingjinwu company has been developed EOD Robot, explosion-proof storage device, include 5 categories, 10 series, more than 70 varieties of products. Jingjinwu company has make the "Made in China" become "Created in China", and earned highly reputation in the field of domestic. Jingjinwu company provided lots of equipment and solutions to army, and obtain lots of honor from army and state, and it’ll continue to provide service and support to military in the future.

  Jingjinwu company has undertaken many national projects, such as Olympic Games, The 13th National Games of PRC in Tianjin and G20 Security work. And now, Jingjinwu company are paying more and more attention to security of the whole world after the listing (Stock Code: 871648), it is a responsibility and a mission to working for the security and bring safety to all of the world.

  In ancient China, Jinwu was military officer in charge of state security. There’s Zhijinwu in Han dynasty, also in Tang and Song Dynasties, there’re Jinwuwei and General Jinwu.

  Today, Jingjinwu has become a guardian and kavass of republic in anti-terrorist and antiriot area, shouldering the mission of defending the country and the safety of lives and property. “Jinwu” has become the “The Top Brand of China” in antiriot equipment field.

Beijing jingjinwu High Tech Co., Ltd

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Beijing jingjinwu High Tech Co., Ltd

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