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A. Recruitment position:

First, sales manager

Conditions of employment:

1. More than three years working experience in independent management projects or sales team management positions, more than one year experience in sales of explosion-proof, explosives, security, anti-terrorism products & equipment or military products.

2, familiar with bidding and procurement business processes, there is an independent production of tenders, should be standard, complete project experience successful cases;

3, cheerful personality, strong executive force, strong sense of achievement, hard working, good at communication, good resilience, good at solving interpersonal conflicts, good team management skills, able to adapt to frequent short-term business trips;

4. There are public inspection methods, armed police, military, civil aviation, subway, border defense and sales channels of various government agencies are preferred;

5. College degree or above, electrical automation, mechanical design and other related majors;


Job responsibilities:

1. According to company strategy, determine the annual sales target, formulate sales strategy & sales plan accordingly, effectively manage and supervise team members to execute and complete the work plan, and reasonably allocate, coordinate and manage all resources in the sales work;

2. Responsible for leading the team to expand the market channels, customer development, follow-up, maintenance of old customers, achieve sales goals; timely formulate and adjust sales strategies based on competitors and customer conditions, control project progress, and avoid project risks;

3. Responsible for the collection and analysis of market information, competitor information, and competitive product information, and formulate sales strategies, pre-sales research and other pre-sales technical support work to help promote potential sales based on the collected and consolidated information;

4. Responsible for coordinating and solving all problems encountered in the sales process and customer product use, providing customers with quality services to prevent customers from losing;

5.According to the client's bidding requirements and process, demonstrating technical solutions, introducing product function modules for customers, conducting product demonstrations, answering questions from users on the spot; independently completing bidding work, monitoring bidding document production (responsible for the preparation of technical support documents, tender documents The production, tendering proposal, demonstration, and technical negotiation), supervise and follow up the follow-up work of the product.


Second, mechanical engineer

Conditions of employment:

1, 26--50 years old, related major in mechatronics, bachelor degree or above, 5 years working experience in the same position;

2. Master the machining process and manufacturing principle, understand various machining methods, and master and master 3D modeling software, CAD drawing software, OFFIC, and CAXA preparation software;

3, strong mechanical design ability, good judgment ability, good interpersonal relationship, innovative spirit; rigorous, meticulous, able to adapt to short-term business trips;

4, to understand the basic knowledge of electronic circuits related to good;


Job responsibilities:

1, the company's new product research and development and design;

2, responsible for product production and processing of technical work;

3, responsible for equipment assembly, testing, debugging and improvement;

4. Responsible for technical support work;

5. Responsible for technical work involved in scientific research projects and patent applications;

B. Contact information:

Resume delivery email:

Job Application: 010-88473737

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