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FDY3R-JJWFH01 Bullet-Proof Vest
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FDY3R-JJWFH01 Bullet-Proof Vest

FDY3R-JJWFH01 Bullet-Proof Vest


1.Total weightProtection area of 0.28m2   weight of Grade GA3≤2.8kg.

2.StandardMeet the standard of "GA141-2010 police bulletproof vests".

3.Environmental adaptabilityAfter being hit effectively, no bullet holes were seen on the surface of bullet proof layer, and no bullet could be seen. The maximum dent depth of the backing is less than 25mm.Under the following conditions, it is also necessary to meet the requirements of this sag.

Under normal temperature, the bulletproof vest is immersed in water for 30min.

Under the environment temperature of -20℃--+55℃.

Under the condition that temperature is 70 ℃ + 2 ℃, relative humidity is 80% , after 240 h treatment.


This product is superimposed with the high strength TWARON and yarn UD cloth, which is tested with live ammunition by the authority departments of  the Ministry of National Weapons and the Ministry of Public Security.The company's series of public security bulletproof vests of class IIIcan effectively prevent the penetration of 7.62mm lead heart projectiles for the micro submachine gun of type 79, which are suitable for single protection of the soldier, police, border guard, etc.

The product is waterproof, moisture-proof, fireproof, bulletproof, UV proof, light weight, high bulletproof performance, safe and reliable.

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