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JJW Nonlinear Node Detector
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JJW Nonlinear Node Detector

JJW Nonlinear Node Detector


  1.Deep area detection can detect whether there is an electronic explosive device in the wall with the thickness of 75cm.

  2.Wide area detection can detect all radio equipment from low frequencies to high frequencies, and low frequency electronic devices that cannot be detected by other devices.

  3.It has the function of manual adjustment with power supply, which can prevent the switch errors and the faulty operation of the electronic equipment caused by the faulty transmission of power.

  4.With alarm video and audio.

  5.The better detection effect is obtained by changing the modulation mode of the detection signal.


  The device uses the most advanced technology of the nonlinear node to detect hidden electronic devices, whether they are open or closed. By analyzing the received two or three harmonics, the device can distinguish the electronic devices (including semiconductor devices), and can also identify the "wrong" nodes that are connected with metal and other oxides.

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