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Saudi Arabia International Security Exhibition
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Saudi Arabia International Security Exhibition


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  Jingjinwu booth

At the international security exhibition in Saudi Arabia, Beijing jingjinwu company attended the exhibition with some products. The exhibition of these products aroused wide interest of attendees. Details of the products are as follows:
42mm recoilless explosive destructor




JW - PD42A models:
The performance characteristics of
1. The propellant cartridge is loaded with a large amount of medicine and powerful, and can penetrate 100mm cement plate;
2. The 42mm caliber gun tube is adopted, with large effective decomposition area;
3. No recoil, wide adaptability;
4. Great strength of the gun tube, with anti-static device in the cartridge, good safety;
5. Equipped with wireless anti-interference remote control terminal, free from radio frequency signal interference such as frequency interferometer, and remote control fire;
6. It can be conveniently installed on various supports, moving or fixed platforms.
7. Less consumables and low cost;
8. Simple structure and convenient maintenance.
Catch a set of defense



JW - FWZT01 models:
Product introduction:
Our company produces the defense catch to have the hardness good, the weight is light, carries easily, USES the nimble characteristic. It is a new non-lethal instrument used by the public security organs to control personnel, effectively deal with the police situation such as drunk disturbance, armed madman and knife attack, which can effectively protect the personal safety and law enforcement safety of the personnel on duty. This product is suitable for personnel control and public security protection of courts, prisons, communities, schools, industries and mining enterprises, and is an irreplaceable constraint type police device in police equipment at present.
Inner safety tester





  Model: JW - 8020

▶ found all iron and nonferrous metals.
▶ can distinguish the non-ferrous metal brass, copper, aluminum, lead, etc
▶ differences shoes within normal metal and metal content of abnormal entities
▶ found within 10 cm distance from the upper (ankle) on the sole of all metal
The equipment can be used in airports, railway stations, prisons, sports stadiums and important person stations. It's for in-shoe inspection. It can automatically detect whether there are explosive devices and dangerous objects in the lower part of the shoe and the body. Simple, convenient, safe, fast and reliable, can effectively find metal, dangerous goods.
Enclosed explosion-proof tank





JW - FB201 models:
▶ use weak blasting principle of science, to make high pressure generated at the moment of explosion shock wave weakening;
▶ using the fire extinguishing principles of science, will explode when instant high temperature of flame, effectively prevent the high temperature combustion after explosion caused a fire.
▶ use of mechanical structure of the science, tanks and tank lid lock together, will be generated at the moment of explosion when closed high-speed fragment in the tank;
Scope of application: public security, armed police, airport, railway station, customs, important place, large activity place. As the opening of the tank is large, it is especially suitable for use in airports, railway stations and car passenger stations. The trolley case within 55cm x 40cm x 25cm of carry-on luggage can be directly put into the tank .