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Saudi Arabia International Security Exhibition
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Saudi Arabia International Security Exhibition

The exhibition to introduce
International security exhibition of Saudi Arabia is the first innovative exhibition platform for international leading enterprises to conduct business matching with Saudi government agencies. Cooperation with Saudi Arabia's interior ministry, the exhibition focus on four key themes: wisdom border security, safe city, hajj security, anti-terrorism security, national security, risk prevention, information security and communication three features galleries, aims to shape the future pattern of national security and risk prevention industry, is committed to promoting innovation, strengthen cooperation, build huge national security and risk prevention Saudi Arabia market top platform, docking government departments, industry experts and the industry chain, explore the cutting edge technology, focus on the future application. The exhibition hall covers an area of over 9,000 square meters, attracting more than 100 enterprises from around the world to participate in the exhibition and more than 8,000 enterprises to attend the exhibition.
Features of the exhibition: exchange technology, establish connections: based on current and future needs of the Saudi government, hold one-on-one meetings with Saudi buyers, establish cooperative relations and explore business opportunities.
Demonstration of products and promotion of innovation: SNSR will seek for groundbreaking innovative security products that shape new technological trends in the industry through artificial intelligence, unmanned systems, identification, virtual reality, etc.
Leading and influencing industrial development: under the influence of industry-oriented driving factors, SNSR exhibition will hold professional BBS, on-site demonstration of safety products, certification training and seminars on future security hot issues and technologies such as police, emergency response, information and network security, big data and video analysis and security city.
Exhibits range
Commercial security and information security: access control equipment, alarm, iDVR, CCTV, identification system, monitor, visual access monitoring equipment, identification equipment, lock, safe cabinet, security service equipment, security sensor, voice control equipment, wireless remote security equipment, hardware and data system security software, etc.
Health and personal protective equipment categories: personal protective equipment, arm, hand, head and ear protection equipment protection, foot protection, protective clothing (chemical/biological/high temperature/special weather/jackets), marking equipment, special lights, safety equipment, a high altitude, work with protective equipment security products (such as rope/peg), the ladder/scaffold, special containers, first aid equipment (medical), high-risk work protective equipment, construction/outdoor work safety protective equipment, aseptic environment/professional disinfection equipment, air pollution treatment facilities, waste recycling, processing equipment, etc.
Fire and rescue equipment class: fire-fighting equipment, fire engines, water fire rescue equipment, fire equipment, fire alarm, emergency alarm equipment, ladders, defibrillator, oxygen tanks, fire breathing apparatus, early warning system, evacuation equipment, fire extinguishers, fire prevention system, wireless, radio, fire fighting training and education systems, fire pumps, fire rescue tools, gas detection equipment, emergency command system, hose, transportation, fire sprinkler, environmental protection equipment, fire equipment, fire drill equipment, hoses, etc.
Police and homeland security equipment: police vehicles, police vehicles, police communications equipment, reconnaissance and eliminate the bomb device, police uniforms, the courts use equipment, biometric equipment, traffic control equipment, radar equipment, rescue equipment, radiation detection and processing equipment, weapon simulator, police barricades, drug detection equipment, X-ray detection equipment, monitoring and the monitoring equipment, etc.
Jingjinwu was invited to attend
Jingjinwu was invited to participate in the international security exhibition of Saudi Arabia.













 Jw-fb201 enclosed explosion-proof tank



(patent no. 201220026065.x) is a device used to store and transfer explosive devices or suspicious items detected.
▶ use weak blasting principle of science, to make high pressure generated at the moment of explosion shock wave weakening;
▶ using the fire extinguishing principles of science, will explode when instant high temperature of flame, effectively prevent the high temperature combustion after explosion caused a fire.
▶ use of mechanical structure of the science, tanks and tank lid lock together, will be generated at the moment of explosion when closed high-speed fragment in the tank;
Scope of application: public security, armed police, airport, railway station, customs, important place, large activity place.
As the opening of the tank is large, it is especially suitable for use in airports, railway stations and car passenger stations. The trolley case within 55cm x 40cm x 25cm of carry-on luggage can be directly put into the tank.